Representative Stephen L. Goldfinch, Jr. is a hard working Christian conservative Republican who wants to continue to represent the voters of Georgetown county and Charleston county in Columbia.

He is a native South Carolinian who possesses the experience, knowledge, and leadership as the Incumbent State House Representative.

Since winning his position in the State House in 2012, Stephen is most often working on new projects and legislation to strengthen the success of the community.

An accomplished businessman, hard working attorney, loving husband, and proud father – Stephen Goldfinch is the right choice for South Carolina’s District 108.

Stephen GoldfinchI proudly support the conservative values of District 108 in the South Carolina House of Representatives. My main focus will remain fixed upon the issues that matter the most to not just the citizens of my district, but to the entire state as well.

I believe in the principles of the United States Constitution. I will not cease to concentrate on improving the economy, supporting job creation, lowering taxes, giving parents choices for their child’s education, and decreasing cumbersome regulations. The role of government should be limited to simply serving citizens where and when the private sector cannot.

I will continue to work towards maintaining and improving the quality of life in our great state.


Representative Goldfinch encourages reforms that will make South Carolina a more competitive state. His goals include passing legislation that can lead to further job growth, supporting initiatives that help County and State governing bodies run more efficiently, and creating an environment that helps families and small businesses. Some of his campaign objectives are:

  • Goldfinch-flag-animationA fair and competitive tax structure

  • Improved educational choices for children

  • Maintenance dredging for the port of Georgetown

  • Increased job creation and improved economy

  • Protecting and maintaining SC Natural Resources while decreasing federal intrusion

  • Create effective ways to fund and improve the area’s infrastructure needs

  • Decrease bureaucracy and require regulations to be approved by the General Assembly

  • County and State emergency management, hurricane safety, and flood protection

  • Protecting waterways and fisheries