Quality of Life


Senate District 34 is one of the fastest growing districts in the state. This challenge brings with it both opportunities and obstacles. In short, we must ensure growth pays for itself. This is why Senator Stephen Goldfinch has sponsored legislation that safeguards our quality of life and ensures we meet the challenges that come with growth.


With growth comes the challenge of keeping up with infrastructure. Senator Goldfinch is laser focused on ensuring Senate District 34 receives the funding required for our infrastructure to keep up with the growth that is sweeping our district. Additionally, we must prioritize construction and capacity of our schools to ensure our students receive a high quality education in order to prepare them for the future.

Preserving Open Space 

The Lowcountry is the most beautiful part of South Carolina and District 34 is home to incredible natural resources. We must do everything in our power to preserve, protect, and conserve open space.